No pasta “Carbonara”


2-4 rashers short cut bacon (or more if you love bacon!)

1 large zucchini, thinly sliced or spiralised

Peas (your FODMAP friendly amount)

300 mls full fat cream

2 small eggs

Parmesan, as desired


Preheat pan, add bacon, cook until slightly brown.

Add peas, warm through, then add zucchini and warm through. (Or cook longer if you prefer, but I don’t like mine soggy).

Remove pan from heat.

Lightly mix cream and eggs together, add to pan. Take care to not add when pan is very hot as it will scramble the egg.  The aim is to just warm the sauce through.

Place into a bowl, add parmesan if using, sit down and relish the deliciousness.

This is such a simple dish, and although it is higher in fats you are not going to be eating this every night, so enjoy!

NOTE: Finding gut friendly servings can be tricky. I recommend and use the Monash FODMAP app, and refer to their blog for tips