What is “Healthy Gut For Life”?

Healthy Gut For Life came about for two reasons: 1. I needed an outlet to write about my experiences with gut issues. 2. I wanted to create a supportive community.

I have had IBS symptoms for many years and mostly put it down to stress. (I choose to not call it ‘suffering’ as I feel that is victim claiming. Right here I wish to state that this is going to be a positive site that concentrates on all that is good, not the bad, of having and treating digestive issues). I ignored the possible link between my symptoms and that of my family. I didn’t want to follow ‘fad’ diets and mostly just tried to ignore my issue.

Recently I have had to get real. My symptoms kicked up a few notches, to the point where I could not eat without intense pain, bloating and diarrhoea. (Gross hey? I figure if you are here you have these symptoms or similar. This is going to be an honest blog, so no need to feel squeamish here!)

This leads me to the creation of this blog. I am a modern woman, like many others. I am me: a person who loves to eat, (sometimes) loves exercise, wife, mum, uni student (Communication and Sociology), pet and environment lover. All these things and more. I am busy. And I have IBS.

This blog is a place for me to pop my thoughts down, to share my research and personal experiences. And to create and be involved in a community of people who want to share information, and be supportive of one another. My aim is to post regularly with well written and researched pieces; have guest bloggers; and have this as a forum for one and all.

This is a work in progress, and I will be doing it around my mum and study commitments. I am still learning about my condition, but hope to share to make it easier for others to negotiate the information out there.

I can’t wait to share and hear others experiences so join me on this ride.

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